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Small Group Bible Study - Participant Handout

Ruth 1


Ruth steps out in faith to leave her land and her gods to follow the one true God.


The book of Ruth takes place during the time of the Judges in Israel, Boaz and Ruth are the great grandparents of King David, Israel’s shepherd king and patriarchs in the lineage of the promised Messiah.. According to the Talmud (Jewish tradition), the prophet Samuel wrote the book of Ruth.




Ruth 1:1-5

Moab was a small nation, situated on the East side of the Dead Sea, opposite the land of the tribe of Judah.


What had God said about marrying foreign women?

1. What evidence can be found of Naomi’s faith in God?


2. Would someone meeting you for the first time find such evidence in your speech and actions?




Ruth 1:6-13

Naomi was looking for an opportunity to return home.


Notice that Naomi is blessing her daughters. More evidence of her faith.

3. In verse 15 Naomi tells Ruth that her sister is returning to “her people and her gods” Is a people or culture usually linked with their gods? Give examples. Is US/Western culture linked to a set of gods? If so, what are they?


4. Is Ruth staying with Naomi because of her love for her mother-in-law or because of her relationship to God? How do we know?











Ruth 1:14-22

To adopt a culture is to worship their gods.


Ruth demonstrates a knowledge of and relationship with YHWH by referring to His name.


Your name is your identity. YHWH means the Lord saves.

5. Naomi changes her name to change her identity. In the Bible your name is your identity. Give three examples.


6. How does God use His name to share His identity or character? List some names of God.


7. What is your new identity in Christ?


In response to today’s lesson, we can:

  • Remember that our faith in God should be evident in our speech and actions.

  • Know that our culture does not worship our God therefore we must make a choice like Ruth did to leave our culture (in the world but not of it)

  • Be sure that following God will cost us.

  • Trust that when we believe in Jesus we are given a new identity and a new name, but we must believe it.






























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